April 11, 2011


COLUMBIA, Tenn. — Maury Regional Medical Center (MRMC) will offer a free seminar titled “Arthritis Self-Help” on Thursday, April 28, in the Auxiliary Conference Room on the medical center’s first floor. The program will be held from 6 until 7 p.m.

It is estimated that 50 million adults in the United States have arthritis, most commonly caused when cartilage deteriorates and leaves joints with no cushion between bones. The seminar will offer information for those affected by arthritis, including ways to increase flexibility and ease pain while coping more easily with daily tasks.

“Arthritis can affect many different aspects of our daily lives,” said Cindy Kington, director of physical medicine at MRMC. “At the upcoming seminar, members of our staff will offer some helpful suggestions for managing pain and learning how to better cope with arthritis.”

Elizabeth Hall and Erica Montgomery, occupational therapists on the physical medicine staff at the medical center, will provide participants with information on stretches and other exercises which can benefit those affected by arthritis through increased flexibility and muscle strength. Participants will also learn methods of joint protection and how to make simple adaptations so that daily life with arthritis is less of a challenge.

The public is invited to attend the seminar. Registration is not required. For more information, call 931.380.4014.