Breast Biopsy

Each patient’s situation varies.  For this reason, you and your surgeon will make the decision about the type of biopsy performed after discussing your condition.  At Maury Regional Hospital, surgeons conduct four types of biopsies to determine if a breast lump is cancerous.

Fine Needle Aspiration – This is a simple diagnostic procedure in which a very fine needle is used to remove fluid or tissue cells from the lump in the breast for testing.

Core Needle Biopsy – The core needle biopsy is similar to fine needle aspiration; however, a larger needle is used to obtain a larger sample of tissue.  Ultrasound is usually used to help guide the needle to the tissue area from which samples will be obtained.

Mammotome Biopsy – Mammotome biopsy procedures utilize special equipment designed to make a small incision into the skin to obtain a sample of the tissue in question.  To conduct this biopsy, the patient receives local anesthesia, meaning that only a portion of the breast will experience a temporary numbness.  The incision requires no stitches and the procedure takes approximately one hour.

Open Biopsy – During an open biopsy procedure, the patient is placed under general anesthesia, meaning the patient will not be “awake” for the procedure.  The surgeon will make an incision through the breast until the area in question is reached.

The pathology report from your procedure will be sent to the surgeon who conducted the biopsy and the surgeon will notify you of the results.


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