April 30, 2009


COLUMBIA, Tenn.— A new device allowing doctors to measure the precise amount of radiation delivered to tumors and surrounding tissue is now being utilized at Maury Regional Medical Center (MRMC). The medical center is the first in Tennessee to utilize the Dose Verification System (DVS®) for breast cancer patients.

The device, an implantable dosimeter, is the first of its kind launched in the United States. This small thin capsule can typically be inserted inside the patient in less than 15 minutes. After each radiation treatment, DVS® provides the physician with a measurement of the actual amount of radiation hitting the target—the tumor or area from which a tumor has been removed—allowing for extremely precise radiation therapy treatment.

“Patients with cancer are well educated and often spend considerable amounts of time researching new treatment options to help them in their battle with cancer. They also place tremendous value on being treated with the most updated technologies. We are excited to be the first facility in Tennessee to offer this technology to patients with breast cancer,” said Dr. Michael Sattasiri, a specialist in radiation oncology on the MRMC medical staff.  “Traditional radiation therapies rely on knowing the exact location of the tumor, but provide little guidance on quantifying the actual dose being delivered to the tumor. DVS® provides an unprecedented level of precision to physicians and added reassurance to breast cancer patients.”

Faye Martin, a breast cancer patient from Lawrenceburg, was pleased to know that her radiation treatments could be delivered with such precision. “I know that they aren't going to give me too much radiation. They can gauge it so it makes me feel better. I feel more confident here."

Sadie Salisbury, another patient from Spring Hill, was excited to discover that MRMC offered this technology. “My surgeon told me about the DVS and I decided that is what I wanted. I was really impressed with this new technology. It gives me peace of mind.“

Developed by Sicel Technologies, Inc., DVS® sensors are implanted by a surgeon either during a lumpectomy or during a separate minimally invasive procedure. The device gathers data on the amount of radiation being delivered to the tumor and surrounding tissue. Wireless technology transmits the radiation dose information to a hand-held monitor during each of the daily treatments, enabling doctors to verify that the patient is receiving the prescribed dose. If a dose deviation is detected, the treatment plan can be modified and corrected for each individual patient. Accurate delivery of the appropriate dose of radiation is critical to effectively treat cancer.

“The Maury Regional Cancer Center is committed to bringing patients innovative new technologies that can have a positive effect on their end results. As a comprehensive cancer center, we have come so far in aggressively treating cancer while sparing healthy tissue—and DVS® is our latest advancement,” said Dr. Joel Kochanski, a specialist in radiation oncology on the MRMC medical staff.

The Maury Regional Cancer Center team works hand in hand with highly skilled medical oncologists and surgeons. This multi-disciplinary team develops an individualized treatment program using radiation and chemotherapy. These physicians have received training at renowned facilities, including Stanford and Vanderbilt. They are complemented by the latest treatment technology, including PET scanning to detect and monitor cancer, as well as brachytherapy and IMRT to treat tumors with high levels of cancer-killing radiation while sparing the surrounding healthy tissue. The Cancer Center is accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer.


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