March 17, 2010


COLUMBIA, Tenn. – The Maury Regional Health Care Foundation has been associated with the Dispensary of Hope since April 2009 and plans to expand its services, according to Joe Kilgore, foundation executive director. Patients will now be able to receive free long-term prescriptions via mail order in addition to as-needed medications at dispensing sites.

The Maury Regional Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) and Lewis Health Center (LHC) are dispensing sites for The Dispensary of Hope Instant Access Program, which provides non-narcotic medications to dispensing sites on an as-ordered basis for completely uninsured patients who are at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level. The foundation pays $7,500 for each of these locations to be a dispensing site, allowing for orders of virtually an unlimited amount of medicine.

“As a dispensing site, we provided vital medications to approximately 20 individuals who could not have otherwise afforded their medicines and would have had no choice but to have gone without them. We are grateful for what the Dispensary of Hope does for our patients,” said Dustin Flowers, DPT, director of LHC.

The new program is the Continued Access program, which allows qualified patients to work with the Dispensary of Hope to receive free long-term prescriptions via mail-order to their homes or dispensing sites. The Dispensary of Hope coordinates enrollment, qualification and fulfillment of the prescriptions through select manufacturers’ patient assistance programs. As long as patients qualify, there is no limit to the number of prescriptions they can receive.

Those who meet the requirements can access this service while being seen as a patient at the ACC, LHC and through the Maury Regional Medical Center’s discharge process where patients are enrolled electronically. Additionally, patients can access this service outside these locations by printing the enrollment packet from the Dispensary of Hope’s Web site, completing and mailing it in with supporting documentation.

The foundation pays the annual per patient subscription fee for qualified patients in the eight-county area who are unable to do so without assistance. To ensure the subscription is covered by the foundation when mailing the form in, “Maury Regional Health Care Foundation” must be written-in in the “Payment Information” section of the enrollment form.