May 13, 2009


COLUMBIA, Tenn.— Maury Regional Emergency Medical Services (EMS) received the EMS Star of Life Award for their efforts to aid Sergeant Brian Owens, a member of the Maury County Sheriff's Department who was shot in the line of duty in December 2008.

The EMS Star of Life event honored the accomplishments of EMS personnel from across the state who provide exemplary life-saving care to adult and pediatric patients. The award was presented May 12 at the Tennessee Emergency Medical Services for Children (TN EMSC) Award Ceremony in Nashville where response scenarios were presented and EMS caregivers were reunited with the individuals they treated.

“I could not be more proud of our staff and the professionalism that they exhibited in a difficult situation. Coming to the aid of any victim of violence is difficult, but when it is one of your own—an emergency responder who was attempting to provide aid to another—it's heart-wrenching,” said Steve Fuston, EMS director. “Our employees worked closely with the Vanderbilt LifeFlight crew in providing the care that Sergeant Owens needed in route to Vanderbilt.”

Maury Regional EMS personnel honored were Michael Bridges, EMT-P; Danny Cupples, EMT-P, shift supervisor; Joshua McClarren, EMT-P; Garry McPeak, EMT-IV; Jennifer Murks, EMT-IV; Amanda Watson Schatz, EMT-P; and George Whitwell, EMT-IV. Vanderbilt LifeFlight personnel honored were Patrick Hall, EMT/RN and Daniel Horne, EMT/RN.

Brian Owens praised those who came to his rescue, “I have worked with the EMS personnel in Maury County for several years at accident scenes and other traumatic situations and have always appreciated what they did for the community. But when I was the one receiving their care it really hit home. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for what they did for me on December 10, 2008. Their fast response and professionalism ensuring my safe transport to Vanderbilt is something I will be forever thankful for. Maury County is fortunate to have such an excellent group of emergency health care professionals. I was so happy to see them getting the recognition they are so deserving of at the EMS Awards banquet. They are my heroes. Because of their care and the good people at Vanderbilt I was able to return back to work on April 6. Just saying thank you doesn’t seem like enough, but I really do appreciate them and look forward to working with them in the future.”


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