February 19, 2013

Maury Regional Health Care Foundation helps dispense hope to needy

The Maury Regional Health Care Foundation Board of Directors recently approved donations totaling more than $11,000 to assist area residents unable to afford life-saving prescription drugs.

Since 2010, the Foundation has partnered with an innovative program known as the Dispensary of Hope, a not-for-profit network of dispensing sites, sourcing partners and financial partners that provide medication to Americans who lack access to prescription drug coverage. The network offers short-term and long-term assistance to those under 200 percent of the poverty line. Nearly 10 percent of the nation’s population falls into this category.

The Foundation’s funding will be used to assist residents of Maury and Lewis Counties in need of help with their medication costs. The support included $7,500 allocated for the Dispensary’s Continued Access Program, which provides eligible Maury Regional Medical Center patients with access to medications and help managing prescriptions on an ongoing basis. An additional $3,750 was also allocated to assist Lewis Health Center patients.

“This is one of the most important programs that we fund,” said Bill Walter, chairman of the Foundation’s Allocations Committee. “The individuals served by the Dispensary of Hope’s medication assistance program would not receive their much needed medications without this program. We are pleased to be able to serve the at risk population in our region.”

In 2012, Foundation donations to the program provided $159,814 worth of medication through the program’s Maury County Continued Access Program and an additional $7,464 through the Lewis County Instant Access and Continued Access Programs. The Instant Access Program fills the gap between diagnosis and long-term prescription assistance by providing a 30-day supply of select medications at a clinic or pharmacy. Patients can then be enrolled in the Continued Access Program that provides access to medications and help managing prescriptions on an ongoing basis.

Referrals come from a variety of sources, including physicians, clinics and local health departments.

The Maury Regional Health Care Foundation provides funds to support Maury Regional Medical Center and its affiliates in providing health care services to the region. In addition to funding projects such as the Dispensary of Hope, the Foundation also operates a hospitality home for cancer patients and families of neonatal and critical care patients and supports education projects for Maury County Schools. Recently the Foundation provided the funding for textbooks for Central High School’s Emergency Medical Technician classes.

Since its founding, the Dispensary of Hope’s goal has been to be the leading provider of pharmaceuticals to uninsured patients and the Maury Regional Health Care Foundation has been a partner in that effort since its inception. In 2011, the Dispensary filled 238 prescriptions for 136 patients, dispensing medications with an actual cash value of $116,902. For more information about the Dispensary of Hope, call 888.428.4673 or visit To donate or learn more about the Maury Health Care Foundation, visit