September 10, 2010


COLUMBIA, Tenn. – Maury Regional Medical Center (MRMC) has initiated an employee health analysis tool now available to employers throughout southern Middle Tennessee, according to Patrick Harlan, director of business development.

The program was designed by Applied Health Analytics, Inc. based upon nationally accepted standards of health assessment and medical research, which has demonstrated a direct link between costs and individual health risks. Early detection, prevention and education are foundations for the program, which provides important health data to employers and employees in an effort to improve the overall health of an organization’s workforce. 

In addition to a health risk assessment, participants complete a series of biometric screenings, which test blood pressure, flexibility, body size, body fat, body mass index, bone density, pulmonary function, cholesterol, blood sugar, and PSA levels for men.

Employees who participate receive a personalized health report with their confidential health information based on the screenings along with suggestions for leading a healthier lifestyle.

Employers are presented with data pertaining to the overall wellness of the participating employee group.  An employer is able to use the results to offer health improvement programs and other benefits which are tailored to their specific employee group’s needs. 

According to Harlan, the program provides a way for organizations to see the wellness of their employees as a return on investment. “This is the first time we have been able to monitor the investment value of money being spent on wellness programs,” said Harlan. “We recognize that all employers are constantly looking for ways to lower their insurance costs. Many employers have taken steps to reduce costs by studying claims and seeking ways to manage their claims. Our goal with this program is to work with our employer community to prevent claims on the front end by helping employees to change their lifestyle and behavior before it becomes a health issue. Benjamin Franklin said it best; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” 

MRMC, Maury County Government and the City of Spring Hill are among the first local agencies to participate in the program. MRMC employees completed the assessment during the months of July and August. Wellness screenings were conducted for City of Spring Hill employees in mid-August and the program was offered to employees of Maury County Government in recent days.

Maury County Mayor Jim Bailey, who personally participated in the health assessment, said he expects the results of the program to be beneficial to Maury County Government.  “I believe this program will be a strong positive for the health of our county employees,” said Bailey. “This program benefits our individual employees by giving them an opportunity to be assessed and it will also promote the overall well being of our staff. It is a win-win situation for Maury County Government and our employees.”

Area employers who would like to schedule an on-site health analysis should contact Patrick Harlan at 931.380.4031.