October 5, 2010


COLUMBIA, Tenn. – Maury Regional Home Services has implemented two new programs designed to allow better monitoring of patients, according to Director of Home Services Debbie Bratton.

The in-home devices monitor Home Services patients’ vital signs, weight and oxygen saturation on a daily basis without a nurse present. Upon installation, a Home Services staff member trains the patient on proper usage of the device, which verbally walks them through each screening. Information recorded by the telemonitoring device is transmitted to Home Services and monitored by nurses in the office seven days a week. This technology allows Home Services to quickly identify changes in a patient’s condition, and as a result gives them the ability to reduce rates of hospitalization and emergent care use.

In addition, Home Services also began usage of in-home finger stick testing for patients taking anti-coagulation drugs. Rather than drawing a patient’s blood, delivering it to the laboratory and waiting on results, staff can now efficiently test patients at home, receive timely results and communicate with the physician to make immediate modifications of medications if needed.

“By having access to more immediate patient information, our nurses will be able to provide an even higher level of care,” said Bratton.