Nursing Education

& Professional Development

The Department of Nursing Education/Professional Development is dedicated to providing and promoting education for all members of the nursing staff.  The department provides general orientation for all levels of nursing staff, maintains the clinical competency program for the nursing department, provides training for unit secretary development and presents all the classes and training for the clinical computer system.

Clinical educators are assigned to each unit. These educators work with unit-based preceptors to provide specific unit based orientation, supervise the Clinical Nurse Residency Program for new graduate nurses, and maintain the competency program for clinical staff. Based on their clinical expertise, the clinical educators develop and present continuing education courses and develop on-line learning programs for staff education.

Clinical Nurse Residency (CNR) Program

The Clinical Nurse Residency Program is designed for new graduate nurses at MRMC to make a successful and effective transition to the registered nurse role.  The residency is a combination of classroom and clinical experiences designed specific to the needs of the new graduate nurse. Classes consist of lecture, discussion, skills lab and interactive learning. High fidelity simulation training is used to complement the education on SBAR, diabetes, enteral nutrition, and the necessity of appropriate documentation. The graduates spend time in the simulation lab drilling on recognition and treatment of common high-risk medical urgencies. To support transition, the clinical educators provide focused clinical experiences outlining the routines of care, system documentation, hospital organization, and procedures unique to nursing.  The unit preceptor is then free to concentrate on care and interventions specific to the patient population on the unit and continue to build the clinical competence of the new graduate.

Summer Student Nurse Extern Program

The Summer Student Extern Program has been in operation since 2007. In this program, student nurses are paired one–onone with a registered nurse during the summer months. Admission into the program is competitive and based on academic performance, references and an interview with the nurse managers. The extern program increases a student's skill and knowledge of nursing practice. Students who have completed the program have commented that the experience increased their clinical skills, patient care knowledge, competence and confidence. Working closely with a registered nurse strengthened their knowledge of how nursing as a discipline is integral to coordinating care and fostering positive patient outcomes.

Continuing Education & Classes

Maury Regional Medical Center is an approved provider of nursing continuing education through The Tennessee Nurses Association and the American Nurses Credential Center’s Commission on Accreditation. There are only 24 approved providers in the state of Tennessee. Nursing staff are assured the approved programs meet national standards for accreditation. For a complete listing of classes, click here.

License Renewal

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