March 15, 2011


COLUMBIA, Tenn. —The Cancer Center at Maury Regional Medical Center (MRMC) now offers advanced technology for image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) for cancer. Radiation oncologists Michael Sattasiri, M.D., and Joel Kochanski, M.D., now treat patients using the powerful new Trilogy™ linear accelerator and imaging system from Varian Medical Systems, which make it possible to deliver a wide range of ultra-precise treatments with great speed.


“This state-of-the-art system makes it possible for us to treat patients with the most advanced radiotherapy techniques, using the most clinically efficient processes in the world,” said Dr. Sattasiri. “It provides us with more versatility and precision than we’ve ever had, for customizing treatments according to the specifics of each patient’s case.”

At the core of the Trilogy system is Varian’s high-powered medical linear accelerator, a machine that rotates around the patient to deliver radiation treatments from nearly any angle. A high-precision system also incorporates a multi-leaf collimator for shaping the radiation beam to match the three-dimensional shape of the tumor, and an On-Board Imager™ device for fast, accurate, real-time tumor tracking and automated patient positioning.


The Trilogy system also includes cone-beam CT imaging technology to acquire a high-quality 3-D image of the tumor and surrounding anatomy. During treatment, there are changes that occur in the position of the tumor due to normal physiological processes. By using 3-D CT imaging, physicians are able to make positioning adjustments and treat tumors with an enhanced level of accuracy, while sparing the healthy surrounding tissue.

“The extraordinary power and flexibility of the Trilogy system assures us that we can deliver a treatment plan that gives our patients the best and most appropriate treatment possible,” said Dr. Kochanski. “By combining the most powerful radiotherapy treatment machine with high-quality imaging, tracking, and monitoring devices, Trilogy allows us to deliver the most accurate treatments possible in the shortest amount of time. That translates to better outcomes along with greater patient comfort, since patients spend less time on the treatment table.”

There were more than 33,000 new cancer cases in the State of Tennessee in 2010, according to the American Cancer Society. Patients who seek treatment at the Maury Regional Cancer Center now have access to the most advanced treatment technologies in the world for these types of conditions.