Wellness Screenings

Maury Regional Health is pleased to offer peace of mind through optional wellness screenings. These imaging exams can help to determine if potentially life-threatening medical conditions—including cancer and heart disease—may be present without causing symptoms yet.

A variety of wellness screenings are offered at each of our facilities that offer diagnostic imaging services.

Ultrasound Screenings

VASCULAR SCREENINGS detect blockages in the circulatory system. These screenings check for signs of:

  • Peripheral Artery Disease: a screening of the lower extremities for plaque build-up, often an indicator of heart disease.
  • Stroke: a screening of carotid arteries in the neck to detect plaque build-up, which can lead to a stroke.
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm: a screening to detect weakened areas of the vessel that serves as the main channel of the circulatory system.

The cost is $45 per study or you may receive all three exams at a discounted price of $100.

ORGAN SCREENINGS are designed to detect stones and cancers. Organs screened include:

  • Gallbladder Scan
  • Kidney Scan
  • Liver Scan
  • Pancreas Scan
  • Thyroid Scan

The cost is $60 per study or you may receive all five exams at a discounted price of $225.

Screening Mammograms

Digital mammography is one of the most advanced breast imaging technologies available for early detection of breast cancer. Our facilities provide a convenient, private and pleasant environment for mammograms. Screening mammograms may be conducted on women 40 years of age or older without a physician's referral. Most insurance plans cover the cost of a yearly screening.

CT Screenings

Heart screenings, also known as coronary artery calcium scoring, is used to detect calcified plaque in the vessels that supply oxygenated blood to the heart wall. If coronary artery disease is discovered in its early stages, treatment and monitoring of this disease can save your life. The cost for this screening is $100.

Cancer, gallstone and kidney stone screening are offered for individuals 50 years of age and older. There are three scans available—the lungs, the abdominal area, and the pelvic area. Each procedure is $250.

Locations for wellness screenings




(Lungs, Abdomen, Pelvic)

CT (Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring) Digital Mammography Ultrasound Organ Ultrasound Vascular
Maury Regional Medical Center


Health Center

Marshall Medical Center
Wayne Medical Center
Spring Hill Imaging Center    


Registration & Payment

A physician’s order is not required for a screening. To register for a wellness screening at one of our locations, call 931.380.4044.

Most insurance companies will not cover ultrasound and CT screenings; therefore, you will be responsible for payment prior to the screening being performed. Cash, check and credit card payment will be accepted at the time of service.


Following your wellness screening, you will receive two copies of your results, one for your records and one for your physician. It will be your responsibility to share the report with your physician.




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