Total Joint Center

Injury and age can take a toll on joints. When pain, stiffness or limited mobility cause distinct changes in life’s daily routine, it may be time to consider joint replacement.

Joint replacement and reconstruction is a complex process that includes pre-surgical counseling, surgical procedures, recovery and physical therapy. Board-certified orthopedic surgeons perform hip, shoulder and knee replacement surgeries, as well as other orthopedic procedures.

The quality of care and our experienced surgeons and staff makes the Total Joint Center an excellent choice for joint replacement surgery and your physical therapy.

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Joint Commission Certified
for Knee & Hip Replacement


More About The Total Joint Center

Maury Regional’s team will work with you and your physician to manage your complete care. As soon as you and your physician decide you need joint replacement surgery, you will be scheduled for pre-admission testing and an educational session that will prepare you for surgery. 

Approximately one week before surgery, pre-admission tests will be conducted, which may include x-rays, lab work, an electrocardiogram (EKG) and other tests your physician feels you need. 

During your educational session prior to surgery, our team will spend one-on-one time with you answering your specific questions and discussing the following:

  • Your total joint replacement and the rehabilitation process
  • How to prepare for the day of surgery
  • Begin planning where you will receive rehabilitation following surgery
  • Instruct you on exercises and continued rehabilitation after surgery
  • How your pain will be managed during and after surgery

Many health insurance plans cover joint replacement surgery. If you are uninsured or have limited coverage, our financial counselor will work with you to discuss payment options.

What To Expect

Joint replacement surgery typically takes two to three hours to complete. There are comfortable waiting areas on the surgery floor for the convenience of your family and friends. 

The average hospital stay is three days; however, your length of stay may vary based upon your needs.

The team of nurses and therapists will work with you and your physician to manage your pain after surgery. Pain is a common component of joint replacement surgery and we pride ourselves on helping you manage the pain with medications and other methods.

Physical therapy usually begins the day after surgery. Our physical therapists will provide you with an individualized exercise program based on your needs and ability. After your first physical therapy session, your exercises may be performed in a group setting in our special gym. After discharge, you will need to continue supervised rehabilitation at home or in an outpatient rehabilitation facility. Outpatient rehabilitation is available in the Physical Therapy Center located at 858 West James Campbell Boulevard.  Parking is convenient and the entrance is covered.

If you have a total hip replacement or both knees replaced at the same time, an occupational therapist will teach you how to use assistive devices needed to bathe and dress.

Going Home

You will practice walking, climbing stairs, sitting and standing and should be able to do each of these by the time you leave the hospital. When to resume driving a car, going to work, and/or participating in sports activities are highly individualized decisions, and should be made after discussion with your physician.




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