Enabling Innovation

Health care solutions of the future will be patient-facing and directed toward patient education, self-management and on-demand diagnostics and services; therefore, medical care should become a continuous experience that patients can increasingly access when, where and how they need it. Adding on-demand services such as the ability to obtain medical information specific to the individual, real-time diagnostics, and communication with health experts creates a unique opportunity to design disease management solutions for patients that address as many of their health care needs as possible.


Patient-facing technology has the potential to improve quality and safety by enabling patients to take a more active role in their care. By maintaining focus on the people as much as the processes, technology will boost the progression toward patient-centered care—where patient preferences, needs, and values are emphasized as much as efforts to prevent adverse events.

Maury Regional Health is committed to emphasizing its promise of innovation to produce change in important areas including prevention, person-focused care, enhanced care models, and creative technology-enabled options for effective health encounters.