primary care medical home

The Primary Care Medical Home (PCMH) approach - sometimes called Patient-Centered Medical Home - is a model of health care that is patient-centered, focusing on care coordination, access to care and effective partnerships between the patient, a primary care provider and team of health care professionals. Components of the PCMH model include the following:

Practice organization

  • Strategies for involvement from all staff members (i.e. team meetings, huddle, role revisions retreat)
  • Maximizing peak of capability design
  • Job description
  • Workflow (process mapping)

Health Information Technology

  • Electronic medical records (EMR)
  • E-prescribing
  • Email
  • Patient registries
  • Clinical guidelines/protocols
  • Interactive patient portal

Patient Experience and Quality

  • A personal physician who coordinates all care for patients and leads the team
  • Physician-directed medical practice – a coordinated team of professional who work together to care for patients
  • Whole-person orientation – this approach is key to providing comprehensive care
  • Coordinated care that incorporates all components of complex health care system
  • Quality and Safety – medical practices voluntarily engage in quality improvement activities to ensure patient safety is always being met
  • Enhanced access to care – such as through open access scheduling and communication mechanisms
  • Payment – system of reimbursement reflective of the true value of coordinated care and innovation