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5 Travel Fitness Tips

If you're like many people, vacation is your time to unwind and stray from your usual routine. But if your routine involves exercising regularly, does that mean you should skip your workout just because you're away from home?

Absolutely not!

Traveling doesn't mean you have to let all your good habits go by the wayside. It may be harder when you're on the road to get in a workout but it's definitely doable. And it's not only good for your health – it may help you see your destination in a whole new light.

Here are 5 tips to help you stay active when you travel:

  • Explore your destination. If you're visiting a new locale, check out your surroundings. Unless you're driving all over town and not getting out to explore the sights, you'll probably be getting more exercise than you realize.
  • Get creative. Find ways throughout your day to move more. Get in some cardio by picking up the pace. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Tread water while relaxing in the pool. Try a new activity you've never done before.
  • Be prepared. Bring sneakers no matter where you're headed. You can also bring easy-to-pack gear such as resistance bands or a jump rope for a quick sweat sesh in your room.
  • Switch things up. You may not have time to get in your daily run or head to the gym as usual, but variety is good for you. There are always ways to get some physical activity while you're away as long as you're willing to look for them.
  • Have some fun. When you're on vacation, your goal is to relax and have fun. So keep your activities geared to what makes you happy. And if laying on a lounge chair with a book is your idea of the perfect getaway, that's okay. You'll be back to the regular grind in no time. Just get back on track once you return.

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