Frequently Asked questions

Q:  How much does it cost to be a member of MRMG All Access Medicine?

A:  Effective September 1, membership for adults over the age of 21 is $59 per month ($708 annually) per adult. A discounted rate of $30 per month ($360 annually) is available for members under the age of 21 associated with an adult member paid at the full rate.

For members who prefer to pay their annual membership dues all at once, we are offering a discounted rate of $649 for an adult membership and $330 for a child membership. 


Q:  How is it so different from other providers?

A:  You should expect not to wait on us. We don’t double book and see our patients at their appointment times. We maximize your face-to-time with Dr. Gannon to get the most out of your visit.


Q:  Can my child have a membership?

A:  Children (under age 21) with an accompanying adult membership are treated for a reduced membership fee of $30 per month. Children without an accompanying adult membership will be charged the full rate of $59 per month ($708 annually) regardless of their age.


Q:  How much do I pay at each visit?

A:  $25. This covers the costs of any lab work and in-office testing (flu, strep or urine testing), office-administered medication and medical supplies needed during your visit.


Q:  Is there a long-term contract?

A:  There is a one-year contract when you enroll. You may cancel your contract at any point with a 30-day notice. We anticipate you will find great value in our services and want to renew yearly. There are no refunds for fees already paid. 


Q.  I only go to the doctor once or twice a year.  Why would I want to pay for service all year long? 

A:   Many patients don’t need us, until they NEED us. Having the ability to see YOUR doctor when you need to is a huge advantage of MRMG All Access Medicine. We are always in touch and just a phone call away.


Q:  Do you file medical insurance?

A:  MRMG All Access Medicine does not accept nor require any type of health insurance. We are considered an out-of-network provider on all insurance plans.


Q:  I have insurance, so why should I become a member?

A:  This answer is different for each person. Many of our members also have insurance to use for medical care that isn’t included as part of your membership, such as x-rays, immunizations, specialist care, hospitalizations and other diagnostic testing. MRMG All Access Medicine membership provides predictable primary care costs, offers unprecedented access to your physician via phone call or e-mail, traditional and alternative visit options like telephone visits and no waiting for your visit. Your patient / physician relationship and health care needs are determined by what is best suited for you, your medical condition and Dr. Gannon — not by what your insurance requires. Whether it is cost savings, time savings, increased access to your physician or a desire to have someone take more time to listen to you and your needs, the reason to become a member is different for everyone.


Q:  Can I join if I DON’T have medical insurance?

A: Yes, insurance is not required.


Q: Can I join if I DO have medical insurance (HMO, Medicare, Tenncare)?

A:  Anyone can receive the benefits of MRMG All Access Medicine, regardless of your insurance status. We strongly recommend carrying at least catastrophic medical insurance for the medical services we don't provide (specialists, surgery, hospitalizations, etc.) and in case of an emergency.


Q:  Is this the same as health insurance?

A:   No. We provide predictable, low-cost primary care through membership dues and per visit fees that cover most routine primary care needs. We strongly recommend patients maintain sufficient health care insurance to meet their individual needs above and beyond the services provided by Maury Regional Medical Group All Access Medicine.


Q.  What if I need lab work?

A:  Routine lab work is included with your membership at no additional charge. We will always tell you if a recommended test is not included and what your cost is in advance of any additional testing.


Q.  If I need x-rays or other imaging tests, is that going to be expensive?  

A:  If you have medical insurance, the location that preforms the test will file an insurance claim on your behalf. You would be responsible per that facility's payment policy, your insurance benefit coverage, deductible or co-insurance for any costs associated with those tests. However, for those who wish to pay directly or do not have insurance, we have negotiated reduced rates with local imaging facilities to provide you with affordable imaging studies. Some people find paying directly for these tests is actually less expensive than filing insurance.


Q:  What if I'm on vacation or out of town and I get sick?  

A: Dr. Gannon is accessible to you wherever you are — just call or email us.


Q: What happens if Dr. Gannon is sick or on vacation?

A: We are proud to be members of Maury Regional Medical Group, an affiliate of Maury Regional Health. For issues that can’t wait, Maury Regional Urgent Care has locations at 5421 Main Street in Spring Hill, 2478 Nashville Highway (Neapolis/Arden Village area) in northern Columbia and at 1218 Trotwood Avenue adjacent to Maury Regional Medical Center in Columbia. With their extended and weekend hours, they are available to assist you if Dr. Gannon is unavailable. For members with insurance, Maury Regional Urgent Care and other Maury Regional Medical Group offices will file a claim with your insurance provider and you will be responsible for any co-pays, deductibles or costs associated with the visit. For those without insurance, Maury Regional Health offers a self-pay discount at the time of service.


Q: What are other benefits of my membership?

A: We partner with Spring Hill community members and occasionally offer special events for members and their families. We are always looking for fun and exciting opportunities to bring our members together and to provide special experiences you typically wouldn’t have in a traditional office setting.