Pricing & Fees

Membership for adults is $49 per month ($588 annually) per adult age 21 and older.  A discounted rate of $25/month ($300 annually) is available for members under the age of 21 associated with another member paid at the full rate.  

There is a $25 fee associated with any visit. This fee is to help offset costs associated with your visit including, but not limited to, Dr. Gannon’s time, staff time, routine lab work, in office testing (flu, strep, urine testing), office-administered medication and medical supplies used during the visit.

An additional charge for non-routine lab and pathology may be needed but are always discussed prior to ordering this additional testing. 

Members may be subjected to additional administrative fees for lapses in monthly membership dues, insufficient funds, re-establishment of membership after a lapse, or lapses in annual membership dues that are paid in full but are not renewed before expiration of membership.