Having a baby is an exciting time in a family’s life. We are here to help you along the path to starting or expanding your family.

planning for birth

During prenatal care, we will monitor the growth and development of your baby as well as monitor the mother’s health throughout the pregnancy. During prenatal visits, we typically:

  • monitor your weight, blood pressure and urine
  • measure your abdomen
  • listen to the baby’s heart rate
  • monitor the position of the baby
  • provide information about nutritional needs

You should schedule your first prenatal visit as soon as you have a positive pregnancy test, typically when you are 8-12 weeks pregnant or sooner if you have an existing health condition. Women typically have 10-15 prenatal visits prior to delivery.

In addition, we offer 4D ultrasound at our Columbia location. Ultrasounds that are intended to determine a baby's gender are recommended between 16-20 weeks of gestation. A 4D ultrasound may be performed at 26-30 weeks. Parents may also choose to have another exam later in the pregnancy to see their growing child's progress.


Maury Regional Medical Center in Columbia offers free classes designed to help you and your baby get the best possible start. Classes are led by trained professional staff members who use seminars, class discussions and more to help parents gain the skills and confidence they need. Classes include:

  • Understanding Birth*
  • Newborn Care
  • Breastfeeding
  • Safe Sitter®
  • Infant CPR
  • Just for Siblings

*A free tour of the women’s floor is given during the Understanding Birth class or you may call 931.490.7003.

To learn more or register, visit the Maury Regional Health Expectant Parent Class page.


As part of the Maury Regional Health family of providers, we deliver at Maury Regional Medical Center in Columbia. The fourth floor is dedicated to childbirth and gynecological care and includes the Labor and Delivery, Mother/Baby and Neonatal Intensive Care units.

In the Labor and Delivery Unit, families are provided spacious suites where mothers can experience labor, delivery and recovery in comfort and privacy.

While some mothers choose natural birth, others may want or need pain control, which may include options such as an epidural or nitrous oxide. Trained anesthesia specialists are available around-the-clock to offer these services. In addition, the fourth floor has a dedicated operating suite for C-sections and other procedures as needed.

To enhance the early bonding experience and allow more time for skin-to-skin contact between the newborn and his or her parents , the Mother/Baby Unit offers couplet care, which allows babies to room-in with their parents and enhance the early bonding experience. During your stay, nurses will provide education about caring for your newborn, the advantages of skin-to-skin contact for bonding, breastfeeding and more. A sleeper sofa is also available in each room for family or guests.


We promote and support that mother’s breastfeed whenever possible to provide their baby with ideal nutrition. To assist new mothers, Maury Regional Medical Center has nurses board-certified as lactation consultants to assist you through the breastfeeding process. In addition to assistance while in the hospital, you may also schedule an appointment for support after your discharge by calling 931.490.7074.


While most pregnancies are uncomplicated, our team also has the skill to help women experiencing a high-risk pregnancy to ensure the health of mothers and their babies. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provides care for newborns with a wide variety of conditions, including prematurity, infection and respiratory problems. Neonatology physicians and neonatal nurse practitioners are provided by the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt and our nurses and respiratory therapists are trained to provide a higher level of care for premature and high-risk babies.


The care needed following delivery will vary by patient and will also vary between those having a vaginal birth or a C-section. You will receive post-delivery care instructions and are encouraged to contact our office with any questions that you might have.

The postpartum period begins after delivery and ends when a mother’s body has nearly returned to its pre-pregnancy state, typically around 6-8 weeks. During this time, try to maintain healthy nutrition habits, walk or do postpartum exercises as recommended by your provider and rest.

New mothers are encouraged to sleep when the baby sleeps, develop a support network of family and friends and be mindful that hormonal changes may impact your emotional state. If you think you are experiencing post-partum depression, please contact our office.