An excess of belly skin and fat can occur for a variety of reasons in a variety of places. In many patients, the primary problem is an overabundance of fatty tissue underneath the skin that can be addressed with weight loss from dieting, exercise, or in some cases, weight loss surgery.

While weight loss is a key component in the treatment of excess tissue, sometimes redundant skin does not respond to traditional forms of weight loss and instead requires surgical removal. To address these concerns, we offer two primary procedures:

  • A panniculectomy, which removes exccess skin
  • An abdominoplasty, which reshapes the abdomen by removing excess skin and tightening the midline muscles 

These two procedures can be combined and customized to the extent necessary to deliver the patient's desired results  based on their underlying anatomy and ultimate goals.

For instance, certain patients may have lax muscles in the abdomen and would only benefit from a "mini-abdominoplasty", where minimal to no skin is removed but the abdominal muscles are tightened. Other patients may have tight abdominal muscles but an excess of skin and fat, which could be remedied with a panniculectomy alone.

Ultimately, a proper treatment plan combines these two powerful procedures in a way that optimizes the patient’s goals and desires.

People particularly well suited for this type of procedure include:

  • Those who have undergone weight loss surgery
  • Mothers who have noted an excess of belly skin and fat or bulging that is not responding completely to diet and exercise
  • Anyone unable to get rid of belly skin and fat despite diet and exercise
  • Patients with midline abdominal wall hernias