Arm Lift

Arm lift procedures, also known as brachioplasties involve the reduction of skin in the upper arm. Offered as either minimal incision or traditional, a brachioplasty is an effective means of improving the appearance and contour of the upper arm. 

The minimal incision brachioplasty is performed through an incision entirely hidden within the armpit. Though it is an attractive means of reducing the scar burden, this procedure is limited in the amount of skin it can remove and is therefore preferred for patients with small to moderate amounts of skin excess. 

For patients seeking contouring of their upper arms, especially in cases of significant weight loss, traditional brachioplasty is often the preferred technique. It is a powerful tool for drastically transforming and improving the contour of the upper arm but does require additional scarring. 

To determine which procedure to pursue, patients should discuss their goals with a plastic surgeon experienced in both techniques.