breast cancer reconstruction


Few things in life can be more devastating than being told that you have cancer.

Women have a 12% risk of developing breast cancer at some point in their lives with as many as half of those women needing a mastectomy (surgical removal of one or both breasts) as part of their treatment. Through improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer over the past 50 years, patient outcomes and quality of life have made the post-mastectomy reconstruction a priority for many women.

Generally, reconstruction after mastectomy can be divided into two categories: implant-based or autologous-based reconstruction (using your own tissue). Both may be necessary for certain patients.

The use of radiation therapy has also expanded as an effective additional treatment for breast cancer. As a result, reconstructive surgeons are more keenly aware of the possible damage to surrounding tissue. In circumstances where radiation is used, more advanced procedures are often needed to attain reliable and cosmetically successful results. 

As the only plastic surgeons in southern Middle Tennessee, Drs. Endara and Fulks work closely with many general surgeons and breast surgeons to provide reconstructive services following mastectomy. This provides women the opportunity to receive their breast cancer care from a multidisciplinary team while staying close to home during this difficult time.

Dr. Fulks and Dr. Endara are proud to provide patients with customized reconstructions based on their needs and goals using a variety of the most advanced surgical techniques available today, including: