Lewis Health Center introduces physical therapy for Parkinson’s disease patients


HOHENWALD, Tenn. — Lewis Health Center (LHC) Physical Therapy in Hohenwald has added therapy services specifically designed to benefit patients with Parkinson’s disease.

According to LHC Physical Therapy Manager Heather Norris, DPT, therapy treatment is now offered through the LSVT BIG® program, an intensive and high-effort therapy regimen designed to help Parkinson’s disease patients learn to move more normally.

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological condition that can affect an individual’s movement, such as walking, balance and coordination. Effects of the disease typically worsen over time. The four-week program offered by LHC Physical Therapy has a goal of producing more normal movements by working on small motor skills — such as the hand motions used to button a shirt — as well as large motor skills, which are used for walking and balance.

“The LSVT BIG program can help patients establish a habit of improved movement and accomplish activities of daily living with more ease,” said Norris. “Treatment can be offered at any stage of the disease, but patients are encouraged to begin the therapy as early in their diagnosis as possible for maximum benefits.”

LHC Physical Therapist Chelsey Hensley, DPT, and Physical Therapy Assistant Deona Price, PTA, recently earned certification to offer therapy based on the LSVT BIG program. Parkinson’s therapy is offered at LHC with a physician’s order; however, patients can request an evaluation to determine if therapy may benefit their condition. If therapy is recommended, staff members can work with the patient’s physician to obtain an order. Therapy plans are customized to the goals and needs of each individual. Parkinson’s therapy is also available at Maury Regional Physical Therapy in Columbia.

To learn more about Parkinson’s therapy and other services available at Lewis Health Center Physical Therapy, visit MauryRegional.com/Lewis-Health-Center or call 931.796.6216.

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