Maury Regional Medical Center

Non-Clinical Students or Contract Staff


Initial Orientation Confirmation Form


Your initial orientation is not complete until you have filled in this form and submitted it by clicking the "Submit" button below. The following information is required: 

Name:  *Dept / Unit / Area:  *Position / Role:  *Employment Type:  *By checking this box, I confirm that I have read and understand the required orientation topics as listed below (confirmation is not complete until the "Submit" button is clicked and a "Thank You" message appears):
• Mission/Vision/Values
• Confidentiality
• Cultural Diversity
• Tobacco Free Campus
• Personal Appearance
• Emergency Codes
• Fire Safety
• Patient Safety Reporting, Fall Risk and Patient Identification
• Infection Prevention & Control, Multi Resistant Organisms, Standard Precautions, Hand Hygiene, Barrier Protection and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) 
After completing all required lessons, click the "Submit" button below. A record of your completion will be sent to the appropriate department(s).