Diabetes Support Resources and Classes

Diabetes Self Management Training Class

Managing diabetes and high blood sugar levels can be a challenge. You and your health care provider may determine that you would benefit from in -depth education and self-management tips in order to better control your condition.

Maury Regional Health offers classes designed to help individuals learn to manage their glucose levels and prevent complications from high blood sugar. Recognized by the American Diabetes Association, this comprehensive eight-hour course is taught by a certified diabetes educator and a registered dietitian and provides resources that cover topics such as medications, diet and meal planning and exercise.

Classes are offered on a recurring basis at the following locations:

  • Maury Regional Medical Center in Columbia
  • Lewis Health Center in Hohenwald
  • Marshall Medical Center in Lewisburg
  • Wayne Medical Center in Waynesboro

A doctor's order is required to attend these classes. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of the class. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. If financial concerns exist, please contact the Diabetes Services Department for assistance at 931.540.4324. 


January 13 & 25
February 10 & 22
March 10 & 22
April 14 & 26
May 12 & 24
June 9 & 28
July 14 & 26
August 11 & 23
September 8 & 27
October 13 & 25
November 10 & 22
December 8 & 27
February 15
May 17
August 16
November 15
March 8
June 14
September 13
December 13
January 18
April 19
July 19
October 18

Diabetes Support Group

The Diabetes Support Group meets on a monthly basis to provide those with diabetes and high blood sugar and their family members with information as well as to review current therapies involved in diabetes care. Sessions are facilitated by a certified diabetes educator and are open to those with diabetes and their family members who help to manage their condition.

Meetings for 2022 are held at the Maury Regional Annex (1223 Trotwood Avenue in Columbia) and start at 11 a.m. on the first Thursday of each month. For those who prefer to attend virtually, a Webex option is also available. For a list of upcoming meetings, visit our calendar of events. For more information or to receive the meeting link, call 931.540.4324.

Pediatric Diabetes Support Group

If your child is diagnosed with diabetes, it is perfectly natural to have questions and concerns — particularly in the beginning as you learn to navigate the condition. That’s why Maury Regional Health is offering a free Pediatric Diabetes Support Group. Beginning in September 2022, the group will meet on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the Maury Regional Annex (1223 Trotwood Avenue in Columbia). The group is intended to provide encouragement and education for children with type 1 or type 2 diabetes as well as their support systems. For a list of upcoming meetings, visit our calendar of eventsFor more information, call 931.540.4324. 


Diet is an important factor in controlling diabetes. Maury Regional Medical Center offers one-on-one consultations with a registered dietitian/nutritionist who can assist you in developing an individualized meal plan. A physician's order is required and most insurance plans will cover the cost of the consult. For more information, contact the Diabetes Services Department at 931.540.4324. To schedule your nutrition therapy consult, call 931.380.4044. 

Diabetes Remote Monitoring

Are you struggling with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes? If so, consider asking your doctor whether you might be a candidate for Maury Regional Health’s remote patient monitoring program. This program is designed specifically for individuals with type 2 diabetes in need of more extensive and continuous care.

Participating patients receive a tablet and monitoring device. At least once per day, patients record their own daily metrics (blood glucose, weight, medication usage and blood pressure) from the comfort of home using the provided equipment. The process takes less than five minutes.

Benefits of the remote patient monitoring program include:

  • Allows patients to maintain independence, limit travel and wait times, prevent complications and reduce costly emergency room visits.
  • Patients speak regularly via secure video or phone calls with a registered dietitian, receiving guidance and support to help them stay on track to meet their goals and improve their health and quality of life.

This program is currently open to patients of Maury Regional Medical Group providers upon referral. Home Internet access is required for participation.

diabetes introductory webinar

With the number of adults living with diabetes doubling in the past 20 years, it is important to know the facts (and myths) about safely managing the condition. The following is an introductory educational webinar that covers the history of diabetes, common facts and myths about the condition and tips for controlling it. For more information, contact the Diabetes Services Department at 931.540.4324. 

"The Facts (and Myths) About Managing Your Diabetes"