Breast Health Services

breast health services

“I felt like I had the perfect team of people taking good care of me...”

Celia Owens of Columbia visited the Maury Regional Women’s Center for a routine mammogram in June 2012. An area of concern noted during the exam prompted an ultrasound, followed by a biopsy. Even though she had no symptoms, these exams confirmed that Owens was facing stage two breast cancer.

Owens, a local kindergarten teacher, was referred to specialists in oncology and breast surgery who outlined the available options, which included surgery, followed by a course of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

“I felt scared and unsure and frightened, but after I had a plan from all of these people who were helping me, I felt so much more at ease,” Owens said.

Following surgery, Owens chose to have chemotherapy and radiation treatments at the Maury Regional Cancer Center. She was grateful for convenient appointments that allowed her to receive radiation therapy before school so that she was there to greet her young students when they arrived each morning.

Following several months of treatment, Owens was deemed cancer-free. She credits having a regular mammogram with saving her life. “Early detection is the key. There is no doubt that it saved my life,” Owens said.

As for the physicians and staff at the Cancer Center, she is appreciative of their kindness and willingness to answer questions.

“I felt like I had the perfect team of people taking good care of me,” Owens said. “I could not have had a more positive experience. From diagnosis to treatment, the staff at Maury Regional came alongside me and encouraged me and gave me the choices and confidence I needed."

Breast Health Services at Maury Regional

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