cancer is life-changing

"Because Maury Regional saved my life, I get to spend time with my three grandchildren." 

Summertown resident Tony Brawner was diagnosed with stage three lung cancer in 2012. He chose the Maury Regional Cancer Center to become his partner in fighting a disease that, unfortunately, he knew all too well.

Brawner lost both of his parents to lung cancer. His daughter succumbed to another type of cancer at a young age. “A cancer diagnosis brings fear,” Brawner said. “I wanted to fight and get every day that I could with my family.”

Brawner became a patient at the Maury Regional Cancer Center and underwent 38 rounds of radiation and six rounds of chemotherapy as part of his battle. He said the quality of care he received as well as the level of communication between him and members of his care team helped to make the journey easier.

“I never felt ashamed to ask a question or embarrassed. The Cancer Center staff was so friendly and caring about the patients,” he said.

On the last day of his treatments, Brawner said the nurses and physicians celebrated the milestone as much as he did. “One of the nurses made a cake and we had a huge celebration. It was a celebration for me and them,” he said.

Today, he credits the team at the Maury Regional Cancer Center for saving his life.

“There is no way to describe the satisfaction that you get from having confidence in the people that have your life in their hands,” Brawner said. “Because Maury Regional saved my life, I get to spend time with my three grandchildren.”

“At the Cancer Center, their goal is to get the very best results with the very best technology available. And give support and comfort through the treatment.”