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Advanced Care for Newborns

"We were never concerned about his care—because of the physicians and nurses. I would recommend Maury Regional."

Three days before Thanksgiving, Sondra was enjoying time with a close friend when she began experiencing symptoms that prompted her to call her physician....(read more)




"I felt like I had the perfect team of people taking good care of me."

Celia Owens of Columbia visited the Maury Regional Women’s Center for a routine mammogram in June 2012. An area of concern noted during the exam prompted an ultrasound...(read more)



“The quick treatment I received at Maury Regional, I believe, resulted in a quick recovery and less damage to my heart."

Symptoms that resembled indigestion awoke Con Vrailas in the middle of the night. Mr. Vrailas asked his wife to call 911...(read more)


joint replacement ranked #1 in tennessee

"As a pharmacist, I see a lot of patients. They overwhelmingly recommended Maury Regional for joint replacement surgery."

Bob and Faris Phillips of Lewisburg enjoy staying active. A desire to maintain their active lifestyle without pain led both having knee replacements...(read more)


Cancer is Life-Changing

"Because Maury Regional saved my life, I get to spend time with my three grandchildren."

Summertown resident Tony Brawner was diagnosed with stage three lung cancer in 2012...(read more)


Additional Stories

Maury Regional Health allows residents and visitors to receive nationally recognized health care with the upmost compassion and kindness expected from southern Middle Tennessee. Discover a few of the many positive comments our patients have shared about their Maury Regional Health experience. 

“Excellent care from the moment I arrived at the ER until I checked out after having kidney stone surgery. Great doctors, nurses and techs! All of them so kind and my nurse went out of her way helping with making some phone calls and things I needed. I went there very afraid and in pain and they could not have made this a better experience all the way around. I can’t thank you enough. I feel better than I have in a while now, thanks to all of you. I appreciate all of you and the jobs you do so well. Thank you so much!”
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“Thanks again for a second wonderful experience at the Cath Lab. After my second procedure, I am feeling much better than I have in months. I sincerely appreciate each one of you and what you do in a very professional yet friendly atmosphere.”
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“I received a blood transfusion at the Cancer Center. I want to compliment the two nurses who helped me and the improvement in the system used during the transfusion. They were very attentive and efficient in getting the process started and completed. Also the process of matching the blood sample and transporting the blood was very efficient. The time of arrival at the Center to the completion of this process was improved by more than two hours over previous transfusion events. Please extend my thanks to the supervisors and nurses for their fine efforts.”
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“Volunteers can be a major part of any hospital but he went out of his way at the (total joint replacement) class and then came to see me after surgery. It can be reassuring to meet someone who has had the same surgery you are getting ready to have. To hear their story and actually see their success gives you more confidence. The class is an extremely convenient thing for your patients who have painful joints.”
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“I had a colonoscopy at Wayne Medical Center. Throughout all the phone calls for scheduling, the receptionists, and all the medical staff, my visit was awesome! Thank you for all the wonderful and loving care you gave to us while I had my procedure.”
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“We did not have to wait to be registered. The tests were very quickly done and real great people. My family and I were greatly impressed with the services we got. If there is an emergency situation, we will always choose Maury Regional. Thank you for the services and great people."
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“The lady who took my insurance//workers comp information continued to provide me information regarding who would be informed of my condition/information and ensured me my information would remain confidential. I was very pleased with her concern for my privacy.”
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“Everyone we have worked with at the physical therapy building has been wonderful. We enjoy our time spent at this facility.”
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“Everyone was absolutely helpful, friendly and a pleasure speaking with. They all made me feel comfortable, which reduced the anxiety of the procedure."
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