December 9, 2013

Boot Camp for New Dads begins in January at MRMC

COLUMBIA, Tenn. – On average, more than 1,500 babies come into the world each year at Maury Regional Medical Center (MRMC). The Mother/Baby Unit, located on the medical center’s fourth floor, is devoted exclusively to providing care and comfort to new mothers and their babies. Centralized labor/delivery services, neonatal intensive care, obstetric units and comfortable, private labor/delivery/recovery rooms allow mothers to go through all the stages of labor, delivery and recovery in the same room.

The medical center is now adding something else to help new mothers become even more comfortable following the birth of her baby—training for fathers. The medical center has a long history of providing classes for expectant and new parents and recently added to its curriculum a program that has been recognized nationally as the premier program for new fathers. Beginning in January, MRMC will host Boot Camp for New Dads®, a unique father-to-father workshop aimed at equipping men with the skills and confidence to take an active role in the care of infants.

Founded in 1990, Boot Camp for New Dads® has already graduated more than 300,000 men and is now offered in 45 states and on U.S. military bases here and abroad. Accolades for the program have come from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Navy’s Family Support Program and many more family service organizations. It is also winning fans at Maury Regional.

Beth Himes is the administrative director for women’s and children’s services at Maury Regional.

“We are excited about this class. The idea for this actually came from evaluations from participants who have gone through our childbirth classes, which are geared more to the care and well-being of the laboring mother,” said Himes. “It made perfect sense to us to have a class for guys only. This class will be taught by a man and will allow the opportunity to share ideas and concerns from the dads’ point of view as well as learning how to offer support to mothers and care for new infants.”

Julie M. Taylor, D.O., a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology on the medical staff of Maury Regional Medical Center and associated with the Middle Tennessee Women’s Health Group in Columbia and Spring Hill, is equally pleased about the new program coming to Maury Regional. “This is a great opportunity for fathers to begin to prepare themselves for one of the most important roles they will assume,” said Dr. Taylor.

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