Planetree: patient-centered care

What is patient-centered care?

Defined by the Institute of Medicine as "Providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs and values and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions."

What is Planetree? Planetree is ...

  • A philosophy of care whose objective is to Personalize, Humanize and De-mystify each health care experience from the patient's perspective and, in so doing, create a healing partnership between the patient and his/her caregivers.
  • A model of care delivery committed to enhancing health care from the patient's perspective.
  • A model that creates healing environments in which patients can be active participants.
  • Caregivers that are empowered to do what is right for the patient.


Planetree's 10 Core Components for Patient-Centered Care

  • Human Interaction - Human beings caring for other human beings, creating a healing environment for patients, families and staff members.

  • Family, Friends & Social Support - Contributes to the quality of the hospital experience by promoting caring connections between the patients and their support systems.

  • Information & Education - Patients, families and community members are provided with increased access to meaningful information.

  • Nutritional & Nurturing Aspects of Food - Choice and personalized service, in combination with sound nutrition practices, add pleasure, comfort and familiarity.

  • Architectural & Interior Design - The Planetree design considers the patients’ wellbeing. The medical center is welcoming and accessible, providing clearly marked signs for direction, comfortable and familiar rooms, and designs that engage the senses and break down barriers.

  • Arts & Entertainment - Music, artwork, theater, crafts and clowns offer engagement and enjoyment to enhance the clinical environment.

  • Spirituality - Planetree recognizes the vital role of spirituality in healing the whole person. From chaplains to meditation programs, hospitals can provide opportunities for reflection and support of spiritual needs.

  • Human Touch - Touch reduces anxiety, pain and stress, benefiting patients, families and staff members.

  • Complementary Therapies - Expand the choices offered to patients. Aroma and pet therapy, acupuncture and Reiki are offered in addition to clinical modalities of care.

  • Healthy Communities - Expand the boundaries of health care: working with schools, senior centers, churches, and other community partners, organizations are redefining health care to include the health and wellness of the larger community.




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