December 21, 2007


COLUMBIA, Tenn. – The Maury Regional Healthcare Foundation recently provided Maury Regional Hospital with additional monies from the Special Needs Fund. According to Foundation Chairman Eslick Daniel, M.D., this fund was established to provide financial resources to patients in need of medication or transportation as well as families of patients in need of food or overnight accommodations.

“As a not-for-profit hospital, Maury Regional provides health care services to all individuals regardless of their ability to pay. For this reason, the hospital often cares for individuals with little or no resources who often find it difficult to purchase the medications or nourishment that they need. After learning of this need from members of the hospital staff who wanted to help these patients, the foundation established the Special Needs Fund in 2007,” said Daniel.

According to Carol Holden, nurse manager at the Ambulatory Care Center, this fund has enabled staff to help several patients in need, including those who would have done without their medication—to the detriment of their health—had they not been provided with assistance.

“The truth is that so many of us are just one major crisis away from needing help, whether it’s the loss of a job, a major family health issue, or a disability. This fund has enabled us to help many people who simply did not have the resources they needed. The patients we have been able to help have been extremely grateful and we’ve been honored to have made a small difference in their lives during a time of need,” said Holden.

In addition to the Ambulatory Care Center, the staff in the Emergency Department and other units of the hospital has access to these funds to assist patients. To learn more about the Maury Regional Healthcare Foundation or to make a donation, please call 931.380.4075.

About Maury Regional Healthcare Foundation:

The Maury Regional Healthcare Foundation was established in October 2006 for the purpose of advancing the mission of the hospital. Financial support received through the foundation is used for projects including community health initiatives, education scholarships, and other health-related projects.


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