February 17, 2014

Health Care Foundation donates new furnishings to Maury Regional Medical Center


COLUMBIA, Tenn. - The Maury Regional Health Care Foundation recently provided approximately $10,000 in furnishings, artwork and renovations for the Maury Regional Medical Center oncology family gathering space. The furnishings include a table with two side chairs, recliners, arm chairs, lamps, end tables, a coffee credenza and coffee maker, curtains and additional supplies.

“After having a very personal experience with a family member and receiving such excellent care from the oncology staff, I felt very passionate about the foundation’s involvement in providing a comforting escape for the family members of our very sick cancer patients. I hope the oncology family gathering space will provide respite to family members for many years to come,” said Foundation Executive Director Joe Kilgore.

Nicholas Harmon, oncology department nurse manager, expressed the oncology staff’s thanks for the Foundation’s consideration.

“It is truly an honor for us to be able to care for individuals during what may be the most difficult time of their lives. During these times, we not only care for the patient but the family as well,” said Harmon. “The oncology family gathering space will provide a quiet area for family members who may need to just take a breather. We are very appreciative for all that the organization and the Foundation have provided.”