In the case of an emergency, call 9-1-1.

Emergency Facilities

Serious and life-threatening accidents and illnesses can be handled through the emergency departments at:

Maury Regional Health also has a top-rated staff of paramedics and emergency medical technicians who respond to more than 16,000 ambulance calls each year across Lewis, Maury and Wayne counties. Learn more in the Ambulance/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) section of our website.


Located at Maury Regional Medical Center, the Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) serves patients who have already been evaluated in the Emergency Department (ED) but need to be further monitored to determine if they can be discharged or if they will need to be admitted to the hospital. The CDU allows medical and nursing staff to focus on common conditions that require more hours of care than a typical emergency visit. By utilizing the CDU, ED beds are freed up to allow for quicker treatment of other emergency patients and more hospital beds remain available for patients requiring inpatient admission.

All ages can be seen in the CDU with common diagnoses including:

  • chest pain
  • abdominal pain
  • COPD exacerbations
  • kidney stones
  • fluid resuscitation for dehydration.

Walk-in & Urgent Care Locations

Those not experiencing a life-threatening emergency can visit one of our walk-in or urgent care facilities during their normal operating hours.