Transitional Rehabilitation 

There are times when patients require continued care, but no longer need inpatient hospitalization. Whether you need post-surgery rehabilitation or outpatient nursing care, Maury Regional Health offers a variety of options to serve you.

Hospital-based Rehabilitation

Marshall Medical Center in Lewisburg and Wayne Medical Center in Waynesboro provide inpatient rehabilitation services for individuals transitioning from the hospital to home. Our services include nursing care, along with physical therapy and occupational therapy performed by the same experienced team that provides outpatient rehabilitation.

Maury Regional Home Services

Maury Regional Homes Services provides patient care in the comfort of your home. Our skilled team provides nursing care, home health aides, medical social workers, disease management assistance and rehabilitation services. Learn more.

NHC Maury Regional Transitional Care Center

Maury Regional Medical Center joined NHC, a respected health care leader, to develop the NHC Maury Regional Transitional Care Center. Located at 5010 Trotwood Avenue in Columbia, this facility offers a variety of therapeutic, rehabilitative and continuing care services.