Share Your Story from the COVID-19 Frontlines

We know it is an understatement to say the last year has been challenging. Each day and night, you provide care for patients separated from their families — connected sometimes only through glass walls and video screens. You work tirelessly while wrapped in layers of PPE to save lives and serve as a foundation of support for patients and families whose lives will be forever changed. The days are long and difficult, but through it all, you have persevered. We are grateful, always, for all that you do. But we would like to recognize our frontline heroes on a more personal level: sharing the stories and faces of the people providing care for our community in these unprecedented times.

Do you have a story you would like to share about working with COVID-19 patients and their families? To submit your story, please complete the following form and upload a high-resolution photo of yourself. 

Photo Guidance

Photos may be taken with a smart phone camera by a colleague or as a selfie (e.g., close-up photo of your head and shoulders). We ask that only one individual be pictured per photo. A high-resolution photo (not blurry or fuzzy) in a well-lit area is preferred. In your photo, please wear a mask and ensure that no patient and/or sensitive or private information can be seen in the background. Example photos are available here.

Share Your Story

Your submission may be shared on Maury Regional Health's website and/or social media platforms and/or with local media. Please note that we cannot guarantee every submission will be published in its entirety and submissions may be edited for grammar and punctuation if needed. By submiting this form, you acknowledge you have read and consent to Maury Regional Health's full marketing and public relations authorization form accessible at this link.

When providing your story or commenting on published social media posts, do not include any patient/family names or identifying information in accordance with HIPAA privacy guidelines

Any media/interview requests regarding this project should be directed to the Maury Regional Health Marketing Department at or by calling 931.840.4446.

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