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Feel More Energized with This Quick Stretch

This stretch improves energy and makes you feel more alert.

Feeling tired?

Instead of having another cup of coffee, here’s an easy stretch you can do right in the office to feel more energized.

To do the stretch:

  • Stand with your back to a wall.
  • With your arms at your side, bend your elbows and turn your thumbs outward, trying to touch your thumbs to the wall.
  • Squeeze your shoulders back and hold, stretching as much as you can to try to touch the wall. Hold for a minute or more.

This move stretches the shoulders and takes pressure off the upper back that comes from spending too many hours hunched over a computer. It’ll also open up the chest to allow for better oxygen flow to the lungs. This will improve your energy and make you feel more alert.

Try this stretch now to feel more energized.