Robotic surgery technology reaches milestone at Maury Regional Medical Center


COLUMBIA, Tenn. — Surgeries performed with the assistance of robotic technology at Maury Regional Medical Center (MRMC) have reached a milestone this month, with 1,000 cases performed with each of two state-of-the-art platforms.

Surgeons using the Mako robotic system for hip and knee replacement surgeries performed the 1,000th procedure at MRMC on July 10. This month also marked the 1,000th procedure at MRMC using the da Vinci Xi Surgical System, which occurred on July 2.

Mako is a robotic arm that surgeons can use to perform total knee, partial knee and total hip replacement procedures. For a total knee replacement, CT-based 3D modeling is used to create a personalized surgical plan and identify the implant size, orientation and alignment based on each patient’s unique anatomy. Mako is used in partial knee replacements to selectively target only the part of the knee damaged by osteoarthritis, while sparing the healthy bone and ligaments surrounding the joint. In a total hip replacement surgery, the surgeon guides the robotic arm to prepare the hip socket and position the implant according to the pre-determined surgical plan.

The da Vinci platform utilizes advanced robotic, computer and optical technologies to assist a surgeon during an operation. The system can be used for minimally invasive surgical procedures in the areas of urology, gynecology, thoracic and general surgery. The system has a 3D high definition (3D-HD) vision system, special instruments and computer software that allow the surgeon to operate with enhanced vision, precision, dexterity and control. The da Vinci instruments have mechanical wrists that bend and rotate to mimic the movements of the human wrist, allowing the surgeon to make small, precise movements.

Several surgeons on the medical staff at MRMC provide robotic surgical services. Learn more about robotic and other surgical services available at MRMC by visiting

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