Photo of a mature couple on a bench. Text reads, "Health Maintenance Visit."

Health Maintenance Visit

Maury Regional Medical Group (MRMG) is launching a new initiative to help patients stay healthier. Health maintenance visits are a customized annual care planning process for patients age 65 and older, preferably scheduled during the patient’s birth month.

What is included in a health maintenance visit?

During your visit with your health care provider, we will complete an evaluation that includes the following:

  • A thorough medical evaluation
  • Reviewing past, current or emerging medical conditions
  • Discussing your current medications and refills options
  • Addressing preventive care
  • Discussing health management (blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.)
  • If desired, discussing end-of-life wishes and planning
  • Signing up for the patient portal and providing education about:
    • Communicating with your provider’s care team electronically
    • Scheduling certain appointment types
    • Receiving electronic billing
  • Developing a 12-month care plan with recommendations for:
    • Age and gender-specific screening recommendations
    • Completion or scheduling of appropriate laboratory tests
    • Coordinate preventive immunizations, including flu, COVID, pneumonia and shingles

What is the cost for Medicare recipients? 

Coverages and co-pays may vary based upon your insurance coverage. Many insurance plans, including many Medicare Advantage plans and some commercial insurance plans, do not have a copay for preventive services; however, most do require a co-pay for any medically necessary evaluation and services outside of the routine exam. Your health maintenance visit may qualify as your “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit, a benefit available within the first 12 months after enrolling in a Part B plan. Please discuss with your provider if you have any questions about coverage.

How do I schedule? 

Maury Regional Medical Group primary care practices will be reaching out to patients to schedule their visit, preferably in the month of their birth. However, we welcome patients contacting their provider to make this appointment as well.

Looking for a primary care provider?

Maury Regional Medical Group is happy to serve the needs of our community and we have several providers who are accepting new patients. We encourage you to visit to view a directory of our providers and request an appointment.