Farm manager working pain-free following double knee replacement


COLUMBIA, Tenn. — After years of working labor-intensive jobs, Kenny Neville developed harsh, nagging knee pain that continued to worsen.

In March of 2023, he decided enough was enough — it was time to take care of the pain, and he knew just who to call.

Neville, 56, a farm manager in Summertown, Tennessee, who is responsible for about 250 registered cattle, had previously undergone a procedure with W. Cason Shirley, MD, a specialist in orthopedic surgery associated with Mid-Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic who performs joint replacement procedures at Maury Regional Medical Center.

“It hurt to walk, stand, sit, lay down — it was just nonstop pain,” he said. “I talked with Dr. Shirley, and we tried some other treatments, but nothing would take the pain away. He suggested knee replacement surgery.”

After consulting with Dr. Shirley, Neville decided his best course of action was to undergo a double total knee replacement. Thanks to his high physical fitness level, he was able to schedule them two weeks apart — a bit unusual for knee replacement patients.

His recovery process then included physical therapy at Maury Regional Health’s outpatient therapy location in Columbia, where the physical therapy team helped him gain flexion and strength in his knees.

“I had total confidence in Dr. Shirley, and it really was an awesome experience,” Neville said. “The whole surgical staff and physical therapy staff were top-notch. I couldn’t have had a better experience with them.”

Part of what made Neville’s recovery so successful was his participation in Maury Regional’s Total Joint Class. The educational videos are designed to answer any questions and give the patient exercises to do before and after surgery to aid with recovery.

Maury Regional Health also has a complete pre-surgical patient education guide for more information about preparing for procedures.

“I’d recommend anyone going through a joint replacement to take the time to do the Total Joint Class,” Neville said. “I knew what to expect during surgery, and it really prepared me for physical therapy and recovery.”

Dr. Shirley is one of three specialists on Maury Regional Health’s medical staff who utilize Stryker’s Mako System for total and partial knee replacement procedures.

The highly advanced technology uses a CT-based 3D modeling of the patient’s bone anatomy to help surgeons create a personalized surgical plan and identify the implant size, orientation and alignment based on each patient’s unique anatomy.

The Mako System is one of several advanced surgical systems utilized by surgeons on the Maury Regional Health medical staff, including the INHANCETM Shoulder System, 7D Surgical FlashTM Navigation System and Infinity Total Ankle System from Stryker.

“The Mako System has been a great tool for us to improve our patients’ outcomes,” Dr. Shirley said. “It gives us the ability to make a customized plan for each patient, which helps get them back to normal function quicker and lasts longer.”

If you’re dealing with chronic knee pain that just won’t subside, talk with your physician about a knee replacement procedure.

“Mine went without a hitch thanks to Dr. Shirley and all the folks at Maury Regional,” Neville said. “It has paid off already. I’m on my feet all day climbing up and down tractors and moving stuff, and there’s really no pain. The key, for me, was to stick with the therapy and what Dr. Shirley and my physical therapists told me to do.”

Maury Regional Health has been recognized nationally for its orthopedic services, including earning high-performing hospital status for knee replacement by U.S. News & World Report for 2023-24, being designated as a Blue Distinction Center+ for knee and hip replacement by BlueCross BlueShield, and receiving The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for total hip and knee replacement.

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