Brent Adcox holds a weight. Text reads, "The physical therapy team went above and beyond... I'm a new man."

Physical Therapy

Whether you are a school athlete, a weekend warrior or a joint replacement patient, Maury Regional Health offers physical therapy services to help you return to doing what you love. Therapy centers are located in Columbia, Spring Hill, Lewisburg, Chapel Hill, Pulaski, Hohenwald and Waynesboro. In addition, some patients may qualify for therapy services through Maury Regional Home Services

Physical Therapy Services


Our therapy centers make every effort to schedule appointments to meet our patients' busy schedules. Several facilities offer extended weekday and Saturday hours for the convenience of our patients. Ask our staff for more information.

Direct Access

Our Direct Access program is offered without a physician’s order for those who feel that physical therapy may be beneficial. This service includes:

  • Assessment by a licensed physical therapist
  • Customized physical therapy treatments
  • Evaluation and progress notes to share with your physician

Insurance coverage for this program varies. For more information about the program and to determine insurance coverage, call 931.380.4014.

Complete this form to request an appointment at one of our therapy centers:


In addition to providing services with a physician order, we offer free screenings for the public. Assessments for pain and mobility issues are provided for youth and adults. We also offer free pediatric screenings that evaluate motor skill development, balance, strength, coordination, speech and physical disabilities. Screenings for adults and youth are available at all locations and pediatric screenings are available in our Columbia, Spring Hill, Hohenwald, Lewisburg, Chapel Hill and Waynesboro locations.

Wellness Program

Maury Regional Health offers a wellness program, available without a physician’s order. The program is designed for those who would like to continue therapy after physician-ordered visits have ended or for individuals who would like to work on their fitness level, balance or prepare for an upcoming surgery. A specialized program will be designed for you depending on your specific needs.   

We offer affordable pricing per visit or per month. Our staff will provide you with a list of personalized exercises, answer any questions that you may have and assist with equipment. This program is offered at limited locations. For more information about which program will best serve your needs, contact the location nearest you.

Pain Management

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, physical therapy may serve as a safe and effective alternative to opioids for the management of non-cancer related pain. Therapy staff utilize movement, exercise, therapeutic dry needling and education as an alternative to prescription medication that may simply mask the pain without treating its source. To learn more about physical therapy as an alternative for pain relief, contact one of our locations.

Athletic Training

Maury Regional Health is proud to offer athletic training services to several area schools in our service area through school football and other athletic programs.