Free Therapy Screening Services

Maury Regional Health has more than 30 physical, occupational, speech and pediatric therapists at seven locations throughout southern Middle Tennessee. In addition to providing services with a physician order, we offer free screenings for the public.

Adults and Youth Screenings

For individuals experiencing pain, a decrease in mobility or range of motion limitations, a free screening may help to identify the underlying issue. Our physical therapists will conduct an assessment of your condition and may recommend that you pursue physical therapy through our direct access program, which does not require a physician order, or you may be referred to a physician for further evaluation. This free service is available in all seven locations in southern Middle Tennessee.

Pediatric Screenings

Maury Regional Health offers a variety of therapy services for children in the areas of speech improvement, physical therapy, developmental milestones and more. Services offered may assist in improving motor skill development, balance, strength, coordination, speech and physical disabilities. To learn if your child may benefit from therapy, we offer free developmental milestone screenings at our locations in Columbia, Spring Hill, Hohenwald, Lewisburg, Chapel Hill and Waynesboro.

Free screenings serve as an initial consultation to determine if an individual may benefit from a therapy program. To schedule a free therapy screening, contact the location nearest you or click the button below.