EMS Community Relations & Event Requests

To support our community, Maury Regional Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is happy to appear at events when we are able, including school visits, career fairs, speaking engagements, station visits and more. Maury Regional EMS is also available to provide emergency services for community events as appropriate.

To request EMS services or attendance at an upcoming event, please complete the following form. We ask that all requests be made at least three weeks prior to your event date, if possible, to allow us ample time to prepare.

Please understand that we will make every effort to fulfill your request; however, due to the nature of our work, some circumstances may arise at the last minute that may prevent our being available for some requests. In these scenarios, we will make every effort to notify event organizers of any unexpected changes. Please also note that completing this form does not guarantee a commitment of participation from Maury Regional EMS.

If you have additional questions about your request, please contact Maury Regional EMS at 931.381.1111, ext. 2602, or ems@mauryregional.com. To learn more about donation and sponsorship requests for Maury Regional Health as an organization, visit MauryRegional.com/Sponsors.

For large-scale community events and mass gatherings, event organizers will need to submit a mass gathering permit request to the appropriate governing body (city or county). For more information, contact the local city or county office.

EMS Community Relations and Events Request

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