Hospital Medicine Program

Hospital medicine physicians at Maury Regional Medical Center and Marshall Medical Center are provided by Maury Regional Medical Group, an affiliate of Maury Regional Health. Hospital medicine physicians are specialists who devote their time and expertise to adult and pediatric patients exclusively within the hospital setting. The hospital medicine physicians are trained in internal medicine and pediatrics and can care for patients ranging from infants to the elderly. To view a directory of the hospital medicine physicians, click here.

Hospital medicine physicians provide on-site service

Because hospital medicine physicians focus only on inpatient care at our medical center, he or she is readily available to meet your medically necessary needs throughout the day. Your hospital medicine physician has a close relationship with a wide array of other specialists and, if needed, may involve them in your care. Daily rounds with nursing, clinical resource managers and pharmacy staff help ensure good communication among your entire hospital care team. Your hospital medicine physician will promptly follow up on any of your test results and adjust your treatment based on those results. Once you are discharged, you will be referred back to your primary care physician or pediatrician. If you do not have a personal physician, you can be referred to one.

Hospital medicine physicians help your primary care physician be more available to you in the office.

Using the hospital medicine physicians allows your personal physician to be more available to you in the office and provides you with a physician solely dedicated to providing you with excellent hospital care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about hospital medicine physicians in the frequently asked questions section.