Prioritizing Your Health as an Adult

When it comes to staying on top of your health, it is crucial to meet regularly with your primary care provider and to schedule important wellness screenings. 

Annual Checkup

Scheduling a checkup (or wellness visit) with your primary care provider at least once per year helps to ensure you have no underlying health conditions that need to be addressed and, if there are any, allows your provider to identify and help you manage them before they can escalate into serious problems. Even if you consider yourself to be a healthy individual, an annual visit can help to diagnose an underlying condition you may be unaware of or reinforce that you are on the right track.

During your annual visit, your provider will most likely:

  • Take your blood pressure
  • Take your measurements (height and weight)
  • Check your eyes, ears, abdomen, thyroid glands and lymph nodes for any abnormalities
  • Listen to your heart and lungs
  • Ask to schedule a blood draw to assess common health indicators, such as glucose and cholesterol
  • Ask about any chronic conditions you are managing
  • Provide personalized guidance for your specific needs

This assessment will help you and your provider know what areas to keep an eye on, what goals to set (e.g., increasing exercise, quitting smoking, etc.) and when you may need certain immunizations or health screenings, such as a CT lung screening to assess your lung cancer risk or an ultrasound to determine your stroke risk.

To find a primary care provider near you, visit our "Find A Doctor" tool and search by specialty or go to for an overview of all primary care practices and providers in the Maury Regional Medical Group network.

Cholesterol Test

High cholesterol typically causes no initial visible signs or symptoms but can lead to an increased risk for heart disease or stroke if it is not managed. The CDC advises that all healthy adults get their cholesterol checked at least every four to six years, beginning at age 18, or more frequently depending on family history and other health factors.

Not sure when you last had your cholesterol checked? Ask your primary care provider during your next wellness visit or call the practice for more information.

Cancer Screenings

The American Cancer Society estimates that 40 out of 100 men and 39 out of 100 women in the U.S. will develop cancer in their lifetime. Early detection saves lives.

Common cancer screenings include those looking for:

Talk to your physician for more information about when and how often you should be screened. Learn more about screening recommendations at and visit for an overview of available screening services at Maury Regional Health facilities.


Vaccines play an important role in reducing one’s risk for getting sick and/or spreading diseases to those most vulnerable to them. Learn more about recommended vaccines based on age and other factors at

Ask your doctor about whether you have any gaps in your immunization history during your next wellness exam or call the practice for more information.

Additional Recommendations

Maury Regional Health encourages all individuals to be aware of the recommended screenings for preventive care and to work with your primary care provider on a wellness plan that includes proper nutrition, exercise and screenings.

Additional screenings may be recommended by your primary care provider based on factors that include physical condition, symptoms or family history. Talk with your doctor during your next annual visit to learn more. If you do not have a personal physician, visit our "Find A Doctor" tool and search by specialty or go to for an overview of all primary care practices and providers in the Maury Regional Medical Group network.