Reducing Your Risk for Sepsis


Sepsis is a medical emergency that stems from the body's toxic response to an infection. It can be caused by minor infections, such as a small cut, or a more serious condition, such as a urinary tract infection, bloodstream infection or pneumonia. 

Sepsis can't always be prevented; however, limiting your exposure to possible infections can make a significant difference in reducing your risk. It is recommended that you: 

  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly
  • Care for wounds by keeping them clean and covered to avoid infection
  • Obtain the appropriate immunizations against illnesses, including influenza and pneumonia 
  • Take medications as prescribed
  • Seek immediate medical treatment for an infection that does not respond to treatment or seems to be getting worse

Ultimately, it is crucial to act quickly if symptoms of sepsis develop. If you're experiencing any of the symptoms of sepsis seek treatment from your doctor or a nearby hospital immediately.