Advanced Cranial and Spinal Technology

Fast. Efficient. Radiation-free.

At Maury Regional Medical Center, we are committed to making technological strides — delivering optimal outcomes and experiences for our patients.

For spinal and cranial procedures, the surgical team at Maury Regional Medical Center is the only hospital in Tennessee to utilize the state-of-the-art 7D Surgical FlashTM Navigation System, which serves as a fast, efficient, accurate and radiation-free surgical tool.

The 7D Surgical FlashTM Navigation System features sophisticated camera technology linked to a computer in the operating theater that serves as a “GPS for the brain and spine,” improving precision and reducing postoperative revisions. Benefits of this technology include:

  • An incredibly fast and reliable workflow for procedures
  • Reduced surgical and recovery times
  • More precise navigation
  • No radiation exposure


Technology in Action

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