Vaccine Services

COVID-19 Notice:

Due to the recent increase in respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19, all travel medicine services offered by Maury Regional Health have been temporarily suspended. Please periodically check this page for updates.

Below is a list of vaccinations offered. There will be a one-time fee of $65 for the nurse practitioner consult. Vaccination charges will vary based on the particular needs of the traveler. Fees are due on the day of service and can be paid by cash, credit card or debit card. Contact the Travel Medicine Clinic for more information.

Hepatitis A (2 doses)

Can provide protection from liver disease caused by the hepatitis A virus, which is transmitted through food and water. A single dose can provide excellent protection for at least one year. One additional dose given between 6 and 18 months after the first dose will provide lifetime protection.

Hepatitis B (3 doses)

Can provide protection from liver disease caused by the hepatitis B virus, which is transmitted sexually and by contact with blood. Three doses are required to provide reliable immunity. For travelers we use the accelerated dosing schedule with doses on days 0, 7, and 21, allowing the series to be completed in three weeks. For travelers unable to complete the three dose series before travel, some protection may be provided by two doses, with the third dose given on return.

*three (3) doses required at 0, 1, and 6 months can provide lifetime immunity


*three (3) doses at 0, 1 week and 3 weeks can provide immunity for at least a year. A booster dose is recommended after 1 year for lifetime immunity.


Vaccine can provide protection from the strains of influenza virus expected to be circulating that year. A new vaccine containing the strains expected to circulate is produced each year, so one needs this vaccine annually. This is a very important vaccine for travelers and should be given to almost everyone.

J. Encephalitis (2 doses)

Can provide protection from Japanese B encephalitis, a viral brain infection with a high mortality rate. Fortunately, it is only recommended for travel to a few Asian countries and only with certain types of travel itineraries.


Can provide protection from meningococcal meningitis, a severe bacterial infection of the central nervous system. It is transmitted by close contact with an infected person or carrier. Menactra is recommended for persons age 2-55 and Menomune is recommended for persons over age 55. A single dose can provide protection for five years.  Meningococcal vaccine is required for all travelers to Saudi Arabia during Haijj.


Can provide protection from measles, mumps, and rubella which are serious diseases. Children should get two doses of MMR by at least 4-6 years of age, some adults should also get one dose MMR vaccine if over age 18 or born after 1956 unless they can show that they have had either the vaccines or the diseases.

Rabies (3 doses)

Can provide from this universally fatal viral infection. It is recommended for veterinary workers and, under certain circumstances, for travelers to the many parts of the world where rabies is common. It is used also as part of the treatment for suspected rabies exposure.

Tdap (Adacel)

(tetanus, diphtheria and pertusis)

Can provide protection from tetanus, diphtheria, and whooping cough which are bacterial infections that can be life threatening. Almost everyone has received the basic three-dose series as a child. A booster dose every 10 years is recommended to maintain ones immunity, even if one is not traveling.

Typhoid pills

Can provide protection from typhoid fever, a bacterial bloodstream infection acquired through food or water. The oral typhoid vaccine requires one to take a capsule on an empty stomach every other day for four doses and can provide protection for five years.

Typhoid injection

Can provide protection from typhoid fever, a bacterial bloodstream infection acquired through food or water. One dose of the injectable form of the vaccine can provide protection for two years

Varicella (2 doses)

Can protect susceptible persons from chickenpox, a viral illness which is so infectious that almost everyone born before the vaccine was available got the infection. It is given to all children as part of their childhood immunization series. It may be required for some adults working in health care who haven’t had chickenpox or the vaccine. It requires two doses.

Yellow Fever

Can provide protection from a very severe viral illness transmitted by mosquitoes. It is a risk only in some countries in Africa and South America.  Some countries require proof of yellow fever immunization as a condition for entry and/or to get a visa.