Community advisory boards

Maury Regional Health serves an eight-county region with facilities in Maury, Lewis, Marshall and Wayne counties. Each of these facilities has the following leadership and advisory representation.

Maury Regional Medical Center 

Martin M. Chaney, MD, Interim CEO & CMO, Maury Regional Health

Charles Bramlett, MD
Julie Bowling
Steve Burt
Bethany Lay
Willie Nelson
Drew Parker
Justin Rhinehart, PhD
Brian K. Williams
Waymon L. Hickman, Emeritus

Lewis Health Center

Nathan Miller, Executive Director, Lewis Health Center

Todd Montgomery, Chair
Hulon Dunn, Vice Chair
Wesley Bryant
Terry Bunch
Lisa Frierson
Denton Peebles
Stan Smith
Jennifer Tiller
Alice Tubbs
Terry Wallace

Marshall Medical Center

Phyllis Brown, CEO, Marshall Medical Center

Bill Marsh, Chair
Tim Nash, MD, Vice Chair
Kenny Boyd
Dean Delk
Larry McKnight
Kanthi Narra, MD
Ann Tears
Britt Wiles
Martin Chaney, MD, Interim CEO & CMO, Maury Regional Health, Ex-officio

Wayne Medical Center

Tyler Taylor, CEO

Larry Haggard, Chair
Marlon Davis
Darrell Holt
Jim Mangubat
Gaines Ramsey
Myra Staggs
Harish Veeramachaneni, MD, MPH
Kenneth Boyd, COO, Maury Regional Health, Ex-officio