Maury Regional Health started with the dream of Dr. C.D. Walton in the late 1940s to have a new modern hospital through the Hill Burton Act, which would provide federal grants for building and modernizing hospitals following the Great Depression and World War II.

In September 1951, construction began on the new 102-bed Maury County Hospital (later named Maury Regional Medical Center) at a cost of $2.2 million. The facility opened its doors for operation on December 16, 1953. Throughout the years, several expansion projects increased the number of medical and surgical beds to its current capacity of 255.

In the mid-1990’s, rapid health care changes began sweeping across the nation including the state of Tennessee. Many hospitals were being sold, merged and some closed their doors forever. In an effort to enhance its presence in the region, Maury Regional purchased Marshall Medical Center in Lewisburg, signed a management agreement for Wayne Medical Center in Waynesboro and opened the Lewis Health Center in Hohenwald.

Over the years, a continuous effort has been made to maintain high quality facilities at the lowest cost possible to patients. Since 1953, there have been seven chief executive officers:

  • William B. Barnhart (1953–63)
  • Earl G. Skogman (1963–68)
  • Twyman L. Towery (1968–74)
  • William R. Walter (1974–2005)
  • J. Robert Otwell (2005–2012)
  • H. Alan Watson (2012–2021)
  • Davin Turner, DO (2022)
  • Martin M. Chaney, MD (2022–present)

The success of Maury Regional Health can be attributed to the visionary community leaders over the past 69 years who have served on the board of trustees, the administrative leadership, the dedicated medical staff, the hard-working employees, and the many volunteers who have given so unselfishly of their time.