Shared Governance & Professional practice model

Shared Governance

Shared governance is a process that provides both a structure and an environment that empowers nurses to take an active participatory role in decisions that affect nursing practice. It provides our nurses a mechanism to share input regarding their nursing practice by moving decisions closer to the point of care, which increases and formalizes our nursing staff’s participation. At Maury Regional Medical Center, the principles of shared governance are implemented through a variety of nursing councils. By-laws or charters define the structure and operation of these councils, which include processes for communication to nursing personnel.

Principles of Shared Governance:

The clinical frontline nurse:

  • Serves on councils
  • Is accountable for decisions related to nursing practice
  • Has a voice about care delivery methods
  • Shares a role in managing resources, staffing and work environment
  • Elected as chair/co-chair of councils by peers
  • Enhances utilization of skills, such as delegation, participation and leading meetings


  • Creation of an empowered nursing workforce
  • Increased professional autonomy
  • Increased staff and job satisfaction
  • More effective nurse-led innovations in clinical practice
  • Focus on enhancing quality of patient care
  • Improved financials due to harm avoidance and retention

Professional Practice model

A professional practice model is a schematic that symbolizes our beliefs, values, theories and systems for nursing practice. The Maury Regional Medical Center (MRMC) Model for Nursing Professional Practice is our unique depiction of all the key components of nursing practice at MRMC. It represents nursing practice in every setting: inpatient, outpatient and perioperative.

The MRMC Nursing Professional Practice model was designed and developed by direct care RN staff members and reflects an organizational commitment to teamwork, which facilitates excellence in patient care. The professional practice model is a framework for achieving our mission and vision, using the patient- and family-centered care delivery system to serve our region. The organizational values — WE CARE — envelope all of the work we do. 


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