Nutrition Counseling

Maintaining a healthy diet is a key component to one's overall health. A balanced meal plan that incorporates the proper amount of nutrients while limiting intake of certain fats and sugars can be an important part of managing certain health conditions and maintaining a healthy weight. 

Nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian - a health professional trained in the assessment and treatment of a variety of nutrition-related issues - can assist those whose physician has recommended dietary modifications as part of managing a health condition.

At Maury Regional Health, a team of registered dietitians work alongside patients to set goals based on their unique needs and help patients maintain results as part of the overall plan of care. Those who may benefit from one-on-one nutrition counseling include individuals with conditions such as:

  • Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney disease
  • Malnutrition
  • Obesity
  • Difficulty gaining or maintaining weight

During a nutrition consultation, the registered dietitian will assess the individual's current dietary state and recommend modifications to safely and effectively meet goals - all without compromising taste or nutritional quality. Individuals who participate in nutrition counseling can benefit from an improved quality of life and are better enabled to manage their health condition. Consultations typically last 30 minutes to an hour and may be offered on a one-time basis, or on a recurring basis, depending upon the physician's recommendation.

Some insurance plans, such as Medicare Part B, cover medical nutrition therapy for certain health conditions including diabetes and chronic kidney disease. Patients are encouraged to check with their specific insurance plan for details of coverage. 

Nutrition therapy is offered with a physician's order. Appointments may be scheduled by calling 931.381.1111, extension 4044.

For additional information about nutrition counseling, please call 931.381.1111, extension 1275.